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Is dry cleaning expensive?

Typical turn-around is 2 business days. For example, if you drop off items on Monday, they will be ready for pick-up on Wednesday. Some of our customers request same day or next day service, & as long as we are confident that we can accommodate the request, there is no extra charge for that service.

do you also provide laundry services?

how long does it take?

what if I just need something pressed?

Nope! Though we check each and every garment care label to insure that your clothing is taken care of to the T of the manufacturer's instructions for fabric type, we have found that some items that recommend machine washing actually turn out better in dry cleaning, and vice-versa. For example, denim retains a softer feel and also resists fading when dry cleaned instead of laundering. Our staff is extremely experienced with garment care, and will always advise our customers of the best approach to cleaning their items.

can you guarantee stain removal?

No! On our Pick-up & Delivery schedule, you pay the same price as if you were to come into the store and drop-off & pick-up. No catches, no hidden fees - just super convenient for our customers!

Did we miss something?

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Dry Cleaning is a process of cleaning fabric textiles by use of a Solvent in a specially designed Dry Cleaning Machine instead of water. The Solvent that we use is a petroleum based, 100% safe environmentally friendly chemical.

Yep! We offer a "Fluff & Fold" Service, where your non-dry clean items are washed, dried, & folded. We also launder blankets & bedding, costumes, pet beds, some area rugs... we could go on & on. Call us if you have something you're not sure about and we will do our best to accommodate, or find someone who can!

what is dry cleaning?

We offer a "Press only" option for this. Items will be pressed & finished as a lower cost than both cleaning & pressing. Our press only option also includes Same-day service if dropped off before 11am!

is there a fee for pick-up & delivery?

Why dry clean?

Is Dry cleaning only for dress clothes?

Will my garments be pressed or is that extra?

Yes! The cost of Dry Cleaning includes not only the cleaning, but also the pressing & finish on all items. Your garments will return to you wrinkle free, crisp & clean - just like the day you bought them.

*The only exception is our "Fluff & Fold" service, which does not include pressing.

We use high-pressure steam & a variety of chemicals specially formulated to treat specific stains on specific fabric types. We generally can remove the majority of stains that at home detergents & wet cleaning can't; however some stains - depending on how long they have had to sit & oxidize into the fabric - are untouchable even for us. Therefore, we cannot guarantee stain removal, but our general rule of thumb is to treat the stain up to 3 times before we determine that it cannot be removed. Just remember it is always helpful to let us know what the stain is & how long it has been there so we can best determine how we will treat it!

Because the dry cleaning process does not use water, it leaves clothes clean & refreshed with minimal stress on the fabric. When garments are saturated with water, the strands in the fabric react by contracting & expanding, which changes the original state of when you first purchased them. This can result in not only fit problems, but also discoloration & fading. A lot of textiles, such as wool & silk, are so delicate that dry cleaning is the only safe way to clean these items.

This question depends on the perspective you have on your  wardrobe. In the long term outlook, dry cleaning will actually save you money, as dry cleaning extends the life of your garments by up to 25% as compared to laundering at home. Not only do you save on utilities & detergents, but you will preserve your garments for a longer period of time, eliminating the need to replace articles of clothing frequently.